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Infrared heating questions

Are infrared waves safe?

Infrared waves have surrounded us for thousands of years, from the sun and from fires and stoves. Unlike UV, Gamma or X-rays, Infrared waves are completely harmless and the heaters pose no fire risk.

What's the difference between convection and infrared heating?

Basically - the effect. Heating through infrared waves, is the same, but our Infrared heaters produce the heat from electricity. Convection heaters (radiators, fan heaters, storage heaters etc.) heat the air, whereas infrared heats solid objects - the walls, floor, ceiling, furniture and people. The surface temperature of our heater is approximately 250 – 300 degrees. Our heaters are certified by the (IGEF) as having a very low electro-smog emission.

How much does infrared heating cost to run?

As infrared heats the fabric of the building and solid objects rather than the air, the heat is stored for much longer. The energy loss through ventilation is significantly lower. Another advantage of this type of heating is that it dries out damp walls and therefore improves the u-value (heat transmission coefficient) so less heat is lost through the walls. These factors result in low energy usage compared to other forms of heating. This relatively new form of heating is sometimes is not differentiated from other forms of electric convection heating. The power consumption of our Infrared heaters is often incorrectly equated to other forms of electric heaters which have much higher energy usage.

How much does infrared heating cost to set up?

For infrared heating you do not need a boiler, pipe work or fuel storage facilities which are required for gas, oil or solid fuel heating systems, so the installation is much simpler and quicker. Furthermore, there are no maintenance or servicing costs.

Where can infrared heating be installed?

A Pi heater can be installed anywhere wherethere is sufficient ceiling height i.e. 3 metres.

Which size wattage do I need?

Just let us know the size of the area you wish to heat. We will match the square footage of your space to the corresponding wattage and determine the size of your infrared heating system.

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