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Infrared Heating - The Health Benefits

Infrared heaters boost immunity

Thanks to evolution we are able to absorb infrared warmth, which has a positive influence on our immune system - we are warmed from the inside out.

Infrared heaters ease respiratory problems

Infrared heating eases respiratory problems by heating objects in the room, as well as the masonry, which stays dry with no mould or mildew. In museums and churches, the problem of asthmatic personnel and visitors, exposed to high spore levels, has become more urgent. With infrared heating, air is not circulated - the space is heated, with no dust particles blown around, a boon for asthma and allergy sufferers.

Infrared heat does you good

When the radiation given off by infrared heaters penetrates our skin, the waves heat the body from within; as the body warms, circulation of the blood is increased. Due to this scientific principle, infrared heaters are very successful in alleviating spasms and other muscle pains, as well as helping to reduce swelling.

Infrared heaters have also been proven to reduce stress levels, blood pressure, flush toxins from the body, boost metabolism and reduce the risk of blood clots. Even further, infrared heaters are believed to greatly improve one's skin by improving elasticity and aiding the healing of scars and burns.

Infrared heaters are safe

Recently there have been reports detailing the hazards of exposure to certain kinds of electromagnetic fields, such as those from high-tension power lines, cell phones and computer display terminals. The Swedish National Institute of Radiation Protection has concluded that infrared heaters are not dangerous.

Japanese researchers have reported that infrared radiant heat is free of toxic electromagnetic fields and antidotes the negative.
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