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Installation of infrared heating

The Pi infrared heating system

is simple to install and maintenance free.

Prior to installing infrared heaters

Please read the operating manual and take note of all safety warnings. Check the heating unit for any signs of damage and that the mains voltage matches that of the heating unit. If any damage is noticed, please contact us.
Store all original packaging for transportation in case of defects.

Control thermostat

To appreciate the heaters to their full capacity we recommend the installation of a Control Thermostat -please contact us for details.

Installing infrared heaters

These units should be installed using the suspension wire supplied and we recommend that all electrical connections be carried out by a qualified electrician, using the relevant regulations for the area in which it is to be installed. The heater must be ‘earthed’.

Cleaning infrared heaters

Before cleaning, always ensure that the heater is isolated from the electrical supply and fully cooled. Use a soft damp cloth and a little washing up liquid. Do not submerge heater or its supply cabling in water. Do not use harsh abrasive or flammable detergents.

Please note

As infrared works through radiant heat rather than convection heat, it may be necessary to operate the heater for a few hours initially to warm objects such as floors, furniture, walls etc, before a comfortable temperature can be achieved. As soon as solid objects are warm, you can reduce the operating time to a minimum.


The infrared heating elements should be disposed of separately at council waste disposal centres, provided for this purpose.

  The Pi
  The Pi
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