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The Pi


Pi Infrared Heater technical data

Diameter 800 mm    
Height 300 mm    
Weight 22.0 Kg    
Electrical source 230V 50Hz    
Protection class IP24    
Current 3600w: 16.9A 2400w: 11.5A 1800w: 8.5A
Fuse rating 3600w: 20A 2400w: 16A 1800w: 10A
Cable (external) 3Core 2.5mm² high temp
Cable (internal) Single core 2.5mm² high temp npc cable
Connection Open ended    
Cable entry Off centre at top    
Emitters Full flat hollow emitter with iron-chrome resistance wire
Quantity of emitters 3600w: 6 2400w: 4 1800w: 3
Internal connections Porcelain high temp 30A connectors with stainless steel fittings
Fixing Only via supplied fixings
Operational temperature +300°C    
Operational freq 2-10 microns (µm)    
Electromagnetic Tolerance Low Emissions    
Minimum clearances Top 500mm Sides 1000mm Below 1000mm
Technical Data  

CE Approved


Beautifully efficient infrared heating